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Manage tasks and document work life

Enable each member of your team to manage their work load independently and document their experiences everyday. Manage tasks and document work life

Track and manage productivity easily

From tracking task completion to average work hours, Braudit ensures each member of your team can own their productivity. Track and manage productivity easily


Built for everyone to own their work everyday Task Management

Task Management

Manage and complete tasks

With Braudit, each member of your team can create work tasks personally, or get assigned work tasks by managers. Braudit also allows your team to manage their individual workload, by choosing what tasks to work on from their task pool on a day-to-day basis. Chapters & Moments

Chapters & Moments

Never forget a day at work

Braudit helps your team keep a private record of every moment they experience with your company through custom and automated entries. They’ll be able to create unlimited chapters to organise, reflect on, and learn from their experiences. Activities


The stats from every moment

Adding event types to moments allows everyone to know the numbers behind their day-to-day activities, in their journey with you. Role Progression

Role Progression

A record of all roles

With Braudit, team members can document all their assigned roles and income to track their professional growth and value to you. Career Goals

Career Goals

A vision board for your team

Braudit provides a board for team members to set career goals and work towards each one with personalised insights and recommendations. Skills Bank

Skills Bank

A personal account for skills

Think “bank account” but for skills. Through the Skills bank, every member of your team has a personal account to add and manage all the skills they acquire. Team Dashboard

Team Dashboard

Get the full picture

Monitor your team's productivity all year round. Track productivity growth, average work hours and more across your entire team or departments. Goals Tracker

Goals Tracker

Monitor individual productivity

With Braudit, you can assign and track tasks allowing managers to know what everyone is working on and how much they get done every day, month and year.

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