Data-driven advise,
anywhere & anytime.

We believe traditional career guidance solutions have limitations. Mentors have limited time, counsellors have limited knowledge and LinkedIn can be overwhelming. This is why we exist.

Our mission

To make personalised,
data-driven career guidance
available on-demand.

Our Story so far...

Mar 2022

The Foundation

Emmanuel starts a side-hustle he calls CV for Graduates. He created it to help Africans land job interviews.

Apr 2022

The Start of Something

With CVG, Emmanuel realises that people had careers issues beyond job applications. Enter Braudit 💡

May 2022

Emmanuel x Kanmi

Emmanuel puts out a LinkedIn post about needing a co-founder. Kanmi responds to it and the rest is history.

Sep 2022

Braudit Limited is Official

Braudit is registered as a company in the UK with a focus on providing career guidance for Africans first.

Jan 2023

Starting with Career Stories

After a year of exploration, Braudit is to be built to share in-depth career stories of African professionals.

Feb 2023

Emmanuel leads interviews

Between February and March, 2023 Emmanuel conducts interviews with over 40 Africans for their career stories.

Jul 2023

Partnership with AltSchool

Braudit partners with AltSchool Africa to provide fully funded scholarships to 3 people across tech programs.

Sep 2023

Braudit App Version 1

1st version of Braudit is done and features in-depth career stories. Needed more, so not released.

Dec 2023

The Braudit Africa Workspace

Opened our first workspace in Lagos Nigeria where the core team met for the first time after working remotely.

Jan 2024

Braudit App Version 2

2nd version of Braudit is done and includes a career diary and AI tools. Not released but opened our eyes!

Apr 2024

Braudit Goes Live

After 2 years of exploring solutions, we went live with a new data-driven product and global focus.

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